4 objects or toys not suitable for dogs

Our dogs would play with anything, but there are toys that are not suitable for them and that may even harm them.

Living at home with a pet, undoubtedly, brings many benefits to both him, you and your family. However, we must take into account a number of precautions and inform ourselves about our dog’s specific needs. This, of course, also applies to free time. In this article, we talk about toys that are not suitable for dogs.

Dogs and toys

Entertainment and leisure are as important to our pets as they are to us. In many cases, a toy is not even necessary, because simply playing with us is satisfying for our animals .

This does not mean that some toys not only encourage them to exercise, but also stimulate them mentally. However, we must always make sure they are designed specifically for them.

Depending on the breed and age, and especially if they can’t find anything to play with, many dogs will also use items that could endanger their health. Hence, it is important to know that there are several objects or toys that are not suitable for dogs.

Which everyday objects are dangerous?

In our home there are numerous objects that we must keep under control in order to avoid damage to both our dog and us.

Cables and electrical sockets

These accessories are found in all homes. Your dog, perhaps out of curiosity, may start sniffing and then chewing on the cables of the computer or other electronic devices. Beyond the damage they could cause to the devices, chewing and ingesting pieces of plastic or copper is not good for our dog.
Not to mention the danger of being electrocuted by biting the cables and sockets. This is why hiding the plugs and having the cables collected and at a certain height can avoid a good scare and an unexpected visit to the vet.

The dangers of cooking

Although for our four-legged friend it is one of the most interesting places in the house, the kitchen is also one of the places with the greatest dangers in sight. First of all because there are several foods that are not suitable for dogs that can fall on the ground while we cook, with consequent damage to health.

In most kitchens, the trash is usually located in an easily accessible place. This means that our pets can reach it too. Many cats and dogs enjoy playing with trash , but this must be avoided, as colonies of microorganisms from decaying food proliferate in it.

These microorganisms are not good for the dog or us, so the best solution is to prevent access to the garbage can and always keep it with the lid closed.

Toys not suitable for dogs

As we said earlier, the best thing when choosing a toy is to make sure it is suitable for dogs. Many times we subconsciously let our pets have fun with toys that can put their lives at risk.

Teddy bear

It may seem absurd, since we have all seen a dog nibble and destroy a stuffed animal. But we should stop to think that this soft toy may have a piece that is badly sewn, or simply attached with glue, or that the padding may contain a harmful component.
Unfortunately for our pet, this usually leads to intestinal obstruction, due to the accidental ingestion of any of these parts. In these cases, an urgent visit to the veterinarian is mandatory. If we give a soft toy to our dog, we must buy a special one for him.

Tennis balls: among the toys not suitable for dogs?

It is very common to throw a tennis ball at our dog to get it back, but he will only nibble on it with more or less intensity. While it’s not overly harmful, it can become a problem if the dog becomes possessive .

Furthermore, the main component of tennis balls, fiberglass, is a great enemy of our dog’s teeth. Being a very rough material , it acts like sandpaper and gradually erodes tooth enamel. If we want our dog to play with a ball, we must opt ​​for options specially recommended by the vet and buy it at a pet store.

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