4 Ideas for Cat Toys With Your Old Clothes

Old t-shirts and socks allow us to make fun and soft toys for cats at home, without spending money.

Worn t-shirts, socks with holes and even some old pants can have a second life and a lot of fun… for our felines! The cats need to play at the least 30 minutes daily to keep your mind in shape. Cat games also allow you to avoid feline boredom, which is behind many of its behaviour problems. In this article you will learn how to make cat toys out of old clothes : a feline ball from a T-shirt, a spider from sweatpants, insects from strips of cloth, and a doll from a pair of socks .

The felines seem to soon tire of their toys. This forces those of us who share our lives with them to improvise new homemade dolls for cats every so often.

Here are four fun options for homemade cat toys made from old clothes : t-shirts that turn into balls for felines, old sweatpants turned into a spider, and even sweatshirts restored into fun cat insects. Who gives more for less?

1. Cat toys: a ball with an old t-shirt

The idea to build this homemade toy for cats with a t-shirt is fascinating, because it is simple and imaginative at the same time. The proposal consists of stretching an old T-shirt, cutting horizontal strips up to three centimeters before reaching the extreme and stretching the result, as proposed by the blog My World of Yellow Tiles.

Once we open the shirt, the result will be a large strip of fabric with which we can create a nice ball for the cats. It is important to tie it well, in the shape of a ball, so that it is not dangerous for cats, or swallowed. It was easy, right?

2. Cat toys: spider with a pants

A plastic ring and ten-centimeter long strips of fabric taken from an old sweatpants can be transformed into this fun, and very cheap, spider toy for cats.

The ring can be obtained from a bottle (some use it as a reinforcement or safety closure) or from a small bracelet for girls. The idea now is to tie the strips of fabric around the hoop and … the feline spider is ready!

3. Homemade insects for cats

A sweatpants can stretch even more when it comes to creating cat toys. The idea to make insects to play with cats.

To make these feline insects, we can reuse the cut strips of fabric for the cat spider. We just have to choose five or six strips, knot them and … ready to hit and go, dear cats!

4. Cat toys with socks

Two old or mismatched stockings are enough to create this fun homemade cat toy with socks. It is only necessary to tie them and trim fringes at the excess ends of each garment, as shown in this video . It is in English, but it explains in a very visual and simple way how to make them.

Do you know of other homemade cat toys that can be made from disused clothing? You can share them in the comment section.

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