3 massages that your dogs will love !

The massages relax the dog, release its stress and improve the friendship relationship with it.

Who does not enjoy a good massage? Like humans, dogs also love these soothing touches. Massage reduces the blood pressure of these pets and even allows them to ward off canine stress, an anxiety that can even shorten the life of the four-legged friend. Also, it only takes ten minutes a day to perform them. The reward? The animal will be calmer, healthier and the emotional bond with it will be strengthened. Here is how to give three fun and simple dog massages on the ears, neck and even a very comforting one for the dog’s spine .

1. How to massage the dog’s ears?

Massages on the dog’s ears are very pleasant for the animal. This explains why caresses or massages on the ears are so useful to win the affection of a dog and, even, to strengthen the relationship of trust with him.

Where to start? Pressure should be applied with the fingertips to the dog’s ears , with common sense and care. Another movement consists of putting the hands around the base of the ears, the part where they join the head, and applying pressure with the tips on that region.

When the hands surround the ears of the dog it is also a good opportunity to manipulate the rest of the pavilion: from the base to the end, where the ear ends. The dog will experience a relaxing sensation if, once at the tip of this cartilaginous structure, slight pressure is exerted with the thumb and index finger. Dogs are especially confident with circular movements at the base of the ears!

The proper posture to give this massage should be a position that allows you to easily control that area: sitting, with the dog between your legs; or standing or squatting, with the dog lying high on the ground, allowing access to its ears without difficulty.

2. Massage for dogs on the neck and head

Handling the dog’s body with care can be a very pleasant experience. The massage will help the dog to feel calmer and to release its anxiety.

Dog neck massage can be started with careful manipulation of the canine neck, with gentle pressure reaching its spine. These caresses can be accompanied with movements on the skull and the base of the animal’s legs and also, of course! With kind words.

If you notice that the pet relaxes, and even lets its head fall forward, it is clear that the movements have been successful and the dog appreciates it. Then, the open palm of the hand can be used to manipulate the head area, with circular movements.

3. How to give a dog massage on the spine?

Professional therapeutic massages for dogs are becoming more and more frequent. The reason is that they are used to treat some types of nervousness and are even used in treatments to correct aggressive behaviours. Although in these situations it is advisable to go to a clinic specialized in pet massages or consult with the veterinarian, there are also simple massages for dogs that can be practiced at home.

If you want to give your dog a spinal massage at home, where do you start? The first thing to do is to trace the natural path of your spine with your fingers. This caress can give you a pleasant sense of calm, while helping you relax. Then, the index finger and the thumb must be placed on each side of the spine and the vertebrae explored, until the base of the tail is reached. Care must be taken not to exert excessive pressure as this area, as in people, is delicate.

Dog massages: tricks

Dog massages, like human treatments, need an appropriate and relaxing place . The base must be firm and in a quiet room. You can use a mat or your favourite bed. For the smallest dogs you do not need a special space, if you are able to keep them calm and without forcing them on your lap. In this way, his master will become the ideal massage table for the little friend.

More tricks? Use a soft tone of voice and add caresses and words of affection so that the dog experiences the massage as a pleasant experience.

These keys will help make massage a fun and healthy practice, both for the dog and for its owner!

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