13 Reasons Cats Are Wonderful

Animals have a lot of love to give, both to their fellow creatures and to us humans. Our feline friends are particularly endearing and show us every day that they are brilliant. We still wanted to explain to you why they are so incredible. So here are 13 examples proving how wonderful cats are. 

1/ They are adorable

Who has never cracked in front of a sleeping kitten or a cat asking for cuddles? In addition to being incredibly beautiful and cute, they are also very charismatic and know how to appease us easily.

2/ They are beautiful

As said before, all cats are beautiful! It is impossible for us not to fall under their spell when they make eyes at us.

3/ They are independent

Unlike dogs, cats know how to fend for themselves! They don’t need anyone to walk around or sometimes take care of. Of course, some are more independent than others, but they remain rather solitary animals who won’t mind if you leave them alone!

4/ They are affectionate

Cats are wonderful, because they are also real teddy bears! They can be glue pots as well as little fond of caresses. However, they will always show you that they love you in their own way.

5/ They are smart

Cats are very intelligent. If you doubt it, keep in mind that they can very well choose to answer you when you call them or to ignore you royally if they don’t want to move! Moreover, their intelligence is not limited to that, because they are always full of resources to amaze you!

6/ They are true friends

In addition to keeping us company, they are real emotional and friendly supports. They are an integral part of the family and love us for who we really are.

7/ They understand you

Human relations are sometimes difficult. With a cat, you don’t have that problem! Indeed, they can understand you at a glance and comfort or distract you when you need it.

8/ Cats are good for our health

According to several studies, having a pet is beneficial for your health. Cats are faithful companions and friends! They always bring joy to their owners and can also boost our morale when we have moments of depression.

9/ They are calm

Cats are incredibly sweet and can also be very discreet. Of course, they have crazy moments, but also calm and soothing moments.

10/ They are very clean

If there is one animal that takes care of him, it’s the cat! He spends between 30 and 50% of his time bathing. Thus, unlike other animals, you will not be surprised to find it full of mud or with a foul odor.

11/ An incomparable love

The love of cats towards their masters is unique and very precious. Although all animals bring us unconditional love, that of cats is tender and immeasurable. They ask for hugs, but also kisses and do not hesitate to snuggle up in your arms whenever they want.

12/ They like to sleep

If you enjoy peace and quiet, cats are wonderful for that, as they love to sleep! They will always find the best places to settle down warm and take a good nap.

13/ They are funny

Finally, our tomcats are real four-legged clowns! Besides being cute and affectionate, they also have plenty of crazy moments. They are perfect companions to make you laugh every day.

As you will have understood, cats are full of qualities, which makes them wonderful animals. In addition, their kindness and tenderness constantly warm our hearts. If you had any doubts about their company, this is enough to confirm the importance of these animals in our lives!

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