10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

As we know, cats are mysterious beings who sometimes adopt behaviors that are surprising to say the least. We even come to wonder if they really come from the same planet as us. Yet it’s been nearly 12,000 years since we domesticated these elusive felines and they live alongside us. Originally used to chase away rodents from crops, they are now great life companions. But they are nonetheless strange. Here are 10 of their most bizarre behaviors finally explained!

1. Why does it bring back its prey?

Your cat doesn’t see you hunting and worries about not seeing you feeding. Thus, it brings back their prey to show you how to do it, like their mother did when it was a kitten. Its goal is to teach you how to hunt to survive in this world, it’s pretty cool…

2. Why is it eating grass?

Eating grass will cause your cat to vomit. Previously, cats ate grass to be able to regurgitate the inedible parts of their prey (bones, fur, etc.).

Now they no longer hunt (or little) but continue to eat grass to vomit the hairballs that form in their stomachs as and when they wash. Indeed, if they did not vomit them, they could obstruct their digestive system and cause their death.

3. Why does it cover his stools?

In the wild, cats used to cover their necessities with dirt to camouflage their scent. It was a way to erase their tracks so as not to attract potential predators. Your cat has quite simply retained this survival instinct from its ancestors.

4. Why does it live at night?

The cat is a nocturnal animal that prefers to hunt its prey at night. The reason is simple: its prey (rodents for example) only come out of their holes after dark! Thus, your cat has maintained this rhythm of life, much to your dismay.

5. Why does it like small spaces?

Does your cat like to curl up in suitcases, cardboard boxes, drawers, bags or even laundry baskets? This is because it feels safe in tight spaces, nothing can surprise them. Indeed, it can thus sleep while being hidden and protected from possible predators.

6. Why does it like to position himself high up?

Climbing to the top of your bookcase or lying on top of your closet, your cat feels comfortable. Indeed, this allows them to dominate their entire environment, to have a 360°C vision of what is happening around them. It can thus see both the prey and possible threats arriving.

7. Why does he snack all day?

In nature, the cat hunts throughout the day. And when it has caught a prey, it does not devour it immediately but on the contrary will hide it in order to be able to keep some food reserves for later, in case it does not find another prey of the day. Thus, it is it who decides when it is time to eat, hence the importance of always leaving food available to them.

8. Why is he scratching your couch?

Your cat destroyed your leather sofa? This is simply because it allows them to wear down their claws and therefore keep them always sharp and at the right length . Indeed, if it did not maintain them, it could no longer hunt but it could no longer move either, since the claws, like our fingernails, grow continuously. Next time consider buying a scratching post.

9. Why does he bite during petting?

You are petting your purring cat when suddenly it starts biting your hand! What a scoundrel! In reality, it tried to warn you that your caresses were starting to annoy them by slowly moving their tail, for example, but you weren’t able to decipher their behavior. Your cat may also bite suddenly because the pleasure brought by your caresses is too strong and it has an urgent need to exteriorize.

10. Why does it knead?

When you start a cuddling session with your cat, the latter begins to greedily knead your stomach or thighs. No, it’s not trying to hurt you, it’s just their way of showing their well-being. Indeed, this gesture is the one it made when it was a kitten to get the milk out of their mother’s teats, so it is associated with a positive feeling.

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