10 signs when a dog is about to die

Unfortunately, death is part of the cycle of life. Saying goodbye to your dog is one of the most difficult tasks one can face. Therefore, one must be prepared.

In this life, nothing is permanent. Living matter degrades and one of the requirements to consider that something is “alive” is to compare it with death. Dogs, like us humans, follow the cycle of life: they are born, develop and die. Today, we will tell you what are the 10 signs that indicate that a dog is about to die.

On many occasions, the dog owner will not notice these 10 signs because his beloved four-legged friend may already be admitted to a veterinary clinic. If the dog is about to die, whoever is taking care of the animal will notify the owner so that he can greet his dog in time and in complete tranquility. Unfortunately, as heartbreaking as it is, death is part of life.

What are the signs that a dog is about to die?

Death is the end of the homeostatic process that is present in every living organism. This event can occur due to natural causes (old age, illness or in nature due to predation) or induced (deaths caused by road accidents, environmental disasters, euthanasia, homicides, etc.).

Most dogs die of natural causes. However, death can come sooner than expected due to cancer or an autoimmune disease. Without going further, let’s see what are the 10 signs that indicate that a dog is about to die.

1. Lethargy and disinterest

You will find that the dog sleeps an average of 12-14 hours a day. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to see him sleeping for a long time during the day.

Furthermore, if the animal does not respond to stimuli that previously made it jump for joy, it means that something from a physiological point of view is not working as it should. Another clear sign that your dog is dying is that it chooses to sleep in places where it has never slept before.

2. Loss of appetite

Often, loss of appetite is due to anxiety, depression, separation stress, or some illness. This sort of anorexia can be partial or total. This will determine the severity of the clinical picture. A prolonged lack of the desire to eat can be a sign of a malfunction of some organ that can cause the dog to die.

3. Incontinence, one of the signs that the dog is about to die

In older dogs, urinary incontinence is very common and can be caused by many factors. Over the years, the muscles surrounding the dog’s urinary system weaken and his control over certain parts of the body may decrease. Therefore, it is normal for the dog to urinate even after a walk or in places where it has never been.

By itself, incontinence is not a clinical sign that the dog is about to die. In any case, if it appears along with the symptoms we mentioned, it could indicate that the dog does not have long to live.

4. Atypical breathing

Atypical breathing and a continuous cough can indicate that the dog is about to die. In some cases, these behaviors indicate that the body’s homeostatic balance has been disrupted, causing fluid to flow into the pulmonary alveoli . Unfortunately, if the animal is elderly, the prognosis is very poor.

5. Vomiting

Usually, when a dog is about to die, he is unable to digest food properly. This causes the animal to vomit and feel weak and dehydrated. If a dog vomits repeatedly and is unable to hold onto food for long, its life expectancy is significantly reduced.

6. Addictive behaviors

As heartbreaking as it can be, a dying dog may ask its owner for a lot of pampering and attention. The master is the reference figure he trusts the most, therefore, he will look for him to find some peace and serenity before leaving this world. Death causes fear in all living beings and it is necessary that the owner be strong and take care of the animal.

7. Convulsions, another of the signs that the dog is about to die

The seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain that can be caused by trauma, intoxication, consumption of drugs, brain tumors, low sodium levels in the blood or physiological imbalances. Unfortunately, some of these pathologies result in the death of the animal.

8. Changes in the color of the gums

The whitish or gray color of the gums is a sign of a serious disease. For whatever reason, the blood does not reach the organs properly and this is visible in the animal’s gums . Some of the most common causes can be anemia, internal bleeding, low blood pressure, or other conditions.

9. Loss of coordination, another sign that the dog is about to die

This is another of the signs that the dog is about to die. When the pet’s nervous system is not functioning as it should, the dog may have difficulty getting up, bumping into walls and moving uncoordinated. Usually, these are signs that the dog’s health condition is serious.

10. Irritability

Even in their last moments of life, dogs do not stop being animals and instinct may prevail over the ability to control themselves. If a dog shows any of the symptoms we told you about and doesn’t allow you to get close to him, it could mean that he feels his life is about to end and doesn’t want anyone to “hurt” him in his last moments.

The death of the dog

Dog death is the end of the animal’s life, but not yours. Take your time to say goodbye to your dear friend. If necessary, cry and do not hide your suffering. Pain is part of the process of accepting death. So, there is nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable after the loss of your dog.

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